Sailing news for Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas.
Long Island The Bahamas.
These islands are famous the world over as home to a near perfect sub-tropical climate and also the clearest waters on Earth, waters littered with so many variations of the color blue you could almost imagine the very word blue had been invented to describe them. For decades pleasure boaters have travelled to this island nation in search of the best cruising grounds in the world. They found them too. Historically speaking the majority of cruising sailors have stuck to the northerly islands of Abaco, New Providence and Grand Bahama as these established islands have lots of large, luxurious marinas, hotels, boating facilities and leisure activities from which to choose. However, in recent years, more and more cruisers are heading south. The modern southerly route is due mainly to the new marina developments constructed on some of the more remote lying Out Islands. New resorts, such as the Emerald Bay and February Point marinas on Exuma, the Hawks Nest marina on Cat Island and even the tiny island of Rum Cay which has a marina all of it's own, quaintly named Sumner Point marina, are proving very popular amongst the more discerning sailors. Though small and lacking in some hi-tech refinements, these new marinas are encouraging the more adventurous cruiser to ignore the conventional, well travelled northern path and to follow the old-time sail-routes favored by the likes of Edward Teach, Henry Morgan and "Calico Jack" Rackham. These days, though, it's not privateering, piracy and plunder that takes sailors down this route. Exploring and 'discovering' these beautiful southern islands for yourself are the modern day reasons for sailing here. Conveniently sandwiched between Exuma and Rum Cay is the appropriately named paradise of "Long Island." Some 80 miles long by 4 miles wide this island is indeed a cruiser's paradise, a land of contrasts. On one side are the cobalt blues of the deep Atlantic whilst on the other side are the "jaw-dropping" turquoise blues of the Caribbean. Here flat-lands and 240' high hill-tops live side-by-side offering dramatic views from every angle.
Port St George marina, Port St George website, is a new resort planned for the Stella Maris area of Long Island. Although the development plans include a golf course the most important news for the sailing world is the construction of a brand new mega-marina. This full-service marina and canal system will be capable of handling boats of 100' up-wards. On 20th June 2007 the developers, PSG Ltd, received approvals from the Bahamian government to construct this resort. You may wish to mark the co-ordinates 23° 35' 22" N / 75° 16' 19" W in your chart-books.
I'm already preparing my little sloop "Jackdog" for the trip across to Long Island.
As Calico Jack himself may have said, "Arrgghh matey, plot a southerly course, 'n' I'll see ye there fer a tot o' rum..... or two."
Latest news for Long Island.
On June 20th 2008 the Port St George marina and golf resort was granted full government approval for the development.
This follows the latest news that from July 1st 2008 the import of construction materials used for the construction of all new housing on Long Island will be excise tax and import duty free.