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Port St George marina development, Long Island, Bahamas.

A breathtaking investment opportunity.
Recently granted government permissions to construct, Port St George is an up-scale residential and tourist development which is to include a full service marina and championship golf course, the resort will offer world class amenities and leisure facilities.
The Port St George project offers a unique investment opportunity to buy at hugely discounted pre construction prices.
The location of the development is the stunningly beautiful Long Island, Bahamas, regarded by many as one of the most stunning of all the Family Islands.
Long Island is a land of contrasts with pristine Caribbean beaches and rugged Atlantic coast line, clear blue waters and the most hospitable of locals.
Port St George golf and marina resort is designed as an upscale resort and residential community on Long Island, The Bahamas.
Providing the ultimate in tropical-island living with first class amenities and leisure facilities, including marina and canal complex, an 18 hole golf course, boutique hotel, spa and beach club.
Lots are to become available early in 2008, they include.
* Ocean Front residential lots
* Golf residential lots
* Lake residential lots
* Marina front single family lots
* Marina front Multi-Family residential lots
With 700 islands sprinkled out over 100,000 sq miles of the clearest water in the world, The Bahamas is one of the most diverse places you could possibly discover.
Having a a sub-tropical climate, friendly people and the nicest beaches you will ever find, this paradise is hard to beat.
Situated approximately 290 miles from Ft. Lauderdale Florida and 145 miles from Nassau, Long island is a land of contrasts with pristine Caribbean beaches and rugged Atlantic coastline, clear blue waters, beautiful sub tropical climate and the most hospitable of locals.
At around 80 miles long and a maximum of 4miles wide Long Island provides incredible views and proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Long Island is historically known to be one of Columbus' early stops in 1492. In his log he described 150-foot high cliffs, waves crashing on eastern beaches, miles of uninterrupted white sand, and green foliage filling the air with the scent of flowers and trees, delicious and sweet... the most delightful island in the world.
The Bahamas is considered the best of all the Caribbean countries when it comes to bone and sport fishing, and with amazing scuba diving Long Island is a must for water enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.
The Bahamas is a prime investment jurisdiction characterised by:
1)The creation of the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA), an investor-friendly agency
2)Tax Freedom
3)New progressive legislation to strengthen and enhance the Financial Services Sector
4)The creation of The Bahamas Maritime Authority to ensure world class open-ship registry services
5)Targeted investment incentives to promote development in Hotel Resort, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Light Industries
6)Opportunities for eco-tourism in the pristine Family Islands
7)First class Second Home/Vacation Residences available without prior approval from the Government
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Important, please read the following legal notice.
Caution, use only as directed as investing in the Bahamas has been proven to.
Lead to a serious decrease of stress levels.
Cause a deep tanning of the skin.
Increase wealth levels.
Increase the intake of cocktails.
Encourage individuals to enjoy life.
Induce big, happy smiles.

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